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Surrender Ebook.jpg

A gym for combat vets. You don’t need all of your limbs or sanity to workout here, just a history of service to your country. #hurtcomfort


Shameless Ebook.jpg

Morally gray mercenaries who protect the innocent while, perhaps, fracturing a neck or two. Vigilantes need love, too. Spin-off of the Wrecked series.


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Full Contact Ebook.jpg
Deep Impact Ebook.jpg

Queer-friendly horse ranch in the Central Texas Hill Country. Lots of hot cowboys, gorgeous horses, and the occasional rescue, both equine and human.

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Sparrow Ebook.jpg
Navarro Ebook 3.jpg
Warwick Ebook (3).jpg

Spinoff of the Rebel Sky Ranch series. A Central Texas search and rescue ranch. Redemption meets #murderswoon.

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Good Behavior Ebook.jpg
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Do-gooder billionaires and socially conscious mobsters make for dangerously hot bed fellows. #murderswoon

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Protection Ebook.jpg
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Distraction Ebook 2.jpg


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