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Colt's Boudoir Shoot

"Dare I ask what's going on here?" Trip asks, walking into his bedroom…where I'm currently sprawled out across his bed, shirtless, while his husband takes pictures of me.

I immediately start to get up, but Sam sends me a glare so powerful I sink back into the position he so painstakingly put me in.

"The boys have been together almost two years. Colt asked for my help in coming up with a fun way to celebrate, and I realized that I still had all of this camera equipment. A boudoir shoot is the obvious and most perfect answer."

Trip removes his worn baseball cap and runs a callused hand over his head as he eyeballs me in my full glory. "But why in our boudoir?"

"It has to be a surprise. We can't go do this in the bunkhouse because you know that Joaquin or Warwick will show up and ruin everything. And besides, I had to strike while the iron was hot, or Colt would've talked himself out of it."

I open my mouth to protest, but Sam shuts me up with the dad look he's perfected on his kids.

Trip's eyes land on the spent bottles on his dresser, then narrow. "Are those wine coolers?"

I grimace. "I got nervous."

"Okay. But, in what world do we drink wine coolers when we have Bash Sangria available to us at all times?"

"Sometimes a bitch wants a Seagram's and doesn't need your judgy attitude about it," Sam grits out, turning his glare on his husband.

Oh, shit. His glare shuts me up but has a different effect on Trip entirely.

"Have I ever denied you anything you truly wanted?" Trip asks, thumbing his belt buckle, his eyes dark and kinda…lustful.

Sam gulps and shakes his head.

"How much longer do you think this is gonna take you?" Trip asks, his voice decidedly gruff.

Sam's delicate fingers float along his collarbone. "Not very long at all, Husband."

Trips points at me, a stern look on his face. "I'll hold you to that."

He walks out the door, and I start fanning myself. "Oh my God, I can't believe you two haven't burned down the house with all of that chemistry."

"Look, sweetie, I love you to death, but the kids are at their grandparents' right now, and alone time with my husband is rare and precious. So get into the fucking position, stop being so self-conscious and let me take this goddamn picture."

I'm lying on my side, wearing wranglers and nothing else. At Sam's insistence, I place the side of my head on my palm.

"Perfect. Now look out the window and think about Joaquin undressing slowly for you."

I grin, having just experienced that last night. We often make love together as a throuple, but we also make sure to take care of our individual relationships. Warwick was visiting with his brother, leaving Joaquin and me alone together. Sigh. What a fantastic night.


"Fuck, Papi, you look so delicious tonight," Joaquin says, his eyes never leaving mine as he unbuttons his shirt.

I watch, mesmerized as he reveals more of his gorgeous brown skin and strong, angular build. I thought all of this sexy was just an Argentinian thing, but when we all went to Las Pampas last year, it was clear that Joaquin is and has always been a class of his own. People all over were staring at him openly.

It's not just his cheekbones or that wicked smile. It's his whole attitude about life and love and sex. Let's just say that the three of us had a fun time with several of the locals.

"Wanna take a shower together?" I ask, biting my lower lip.

He walks over and helps me out of the rest of my clothes. "Yes, and as quickly as possible."

One of the things that Joaquin and I have been exploring together is that neither of us feels quite so exclusive with our exclusive top and bottom designations anymore.

We stumble into the shower, laughing as we help each other with the shower attachment, which manages to be erotic, intimate, and kinda gross all at once. An apt description of how we all live and love together.

We soap up, still playful and sweet, but the second the last bit of soap is rinsed away, Joaquin faces the wall, leaning on his forearms, his hip cocked so that his fine fucking ass is on display. Silently, I kneel behind him. Parting his cheeks, I drag my tongue up his seam, pausing to swirl around his hairy, perfect hole.

"Pinchemadreculo," he curses in garbled Spanish.

"Whatever. You like it when I lick your asshole," I toss back, nipping his cheek.

"Yeah, I really fucking do, mi gordito," he responds, breathing heavily.

I flush at the endearment, then spread his cheeks wider and go to town, eating his ass like my life depends on it. I push the tip of my tongue against the tight ring of muscle, and he eventually relaxes enough to let me in slightly. His noises turn animalistic when I lube up my middle finger and push inside. Snaking my free hand between his thighs, I gently pull on his balls as I crook my finger just so.

"Mas, mas, mas," he pants out, thrusting back onto my finger.

More, more, more.

"Do you want another finger?"

He shakes his head, grunting out, "Fuck me" on a breathy moan.

Hm. Feeling extra saucy tonight. I nod and rise to my feet, pausing to kiss him softly. His cock is rock hard, but his eyes are warm and soft, and I love that so much about him.

I cover his body with mine, drinking his happy moans, and slowly, carefully work myself in past the first ring of muscle. He curses under his breath but pushes back against me, wanting more.

I wrap my arms around him, seeing his grin from the side. "I love the way your belly feels against my back."

"As much as you like my cock up your ass?"

"More," he says, shifting back as I bottom out. We stand there for several moments, breathing heavily as he adjusts to me.

"Well, well, well. What the fuck is going on here?" Warwick asks, entering the bathroom. We both look back, and the grin on his face is everything.

"Pinche Wick," Joaquin curses under his breath.

Wick knows we've been exploring this together, and we haven't quite brought it into the throupledom.

"Can I help?" he asks, his grin widening, "or do I still need to give you two space?"

He's smiling, but his ask is as sincere as his cock is hard.

"How, exactly, would you like to help, baby?" I ask, thrusting gently.

Joaquin moans, and Warwick looks like he might just come on the spot.

"I can give my ass or mouth to Joaquin, or I can fuck you, baby," he responds, his voice husky.

"If you go to your knees, I'll come right now," Joaquin chokes out as I thrust deep.

I look over my shoulder. "I guess that means you get my ass tonight."

Wick is already down to his socks, having wasted no time. He enters the shower, cleaning up quickly as I continue gently thrusting into Joaquin. When he's finally relaxed enough against me, I adjust the angle of my hips, and he lets out a ragged breath.

"Motherfucker, this is what you two like bottoming so much," he pants out.

I smile, then pull back and snap my hips forward again, nailing him in the same spot. "That's exactly what I like bottoming so much."

I run my hands over his hairy chest, pinching his nipple as I stroke into him again. His voice, usually so dark and smoky, pitches up with begging sounds while Wick's lubricated fingers find my hole. He's thorough as he times his stretch with my thrusts.

Soon enough, he's pushing into me, and we get into a steady rhythm, Joaquin occasionally beating his side of his fist against the tile, saying in Spanish how good it is. I rock forward and back, sandwiched between them, pleasure along every avenue.

"I'm not going to last long," Warwick chokes out.

I squeeze tight around him, and he curses my name, then grabs my shoulders and thrusts up hard as he can. This creates a chain reaction, intensifying my thrusts into Joaquin.

"Fuck, your hips, gordito," Joaquin says, his hand going to his cock. "You've got some fucking powerful hips."

"Yeah he does," Warwick grunts out from behind, keeping time with me, thrusting fast and deep until he stiffens, filling me with his hot load.

Yeah, we can explore all we want, but fuck it, I'm just a goddamn hole.

At the same time, Joaquin comes, his body clamping down on my cock so hard it's almost painful. With the sounds and smells of both of my men coming around me, my own orgasm barrels through me, nearly taking my knees out from under me. I release into Joaquin's body, fucking through it, getting his ass as sloppy as he likes to get mine, the aftershocks of his orgasm still pulsing on my cock.


"Holy shit, what are you thinking about?" Sam asks, bringing me back to the present.

I laugh as his camera clicks again and again and again. "Just tell Trip that we really appreciate the upgrades in the bathroom."

Trip bellows from the other side of the house, "Are y'all almost done in there?"

We both reply a hearty yes. Sam gets a few more shots and shows me the unedited images as I zip up my pants over a burgeoning hard-on and yank my T-shirt on, shoving on my boots as quickly as I can.

"Huh," I say under my breath when the first several shots show up on the screen.

"What's that, hon?" Sam asks, smiling up at me.

"I was just… I feel like you're showing me what they see when they say they like all of this," I answer, rubbing my belly.

Sam takes another look and winks at me. "Absofuckinglutely. Fuck, you are one sexy bear cub, especially with all of those freckles everywhere. I bet they have all sorts of fun with you. I'm guessing that they put you in the middle a lot."

"In more ways than one," I respond automatically, then immediately flush from having said it out loud.

"Lucky duck."

He winks as Trip's loud boots start down the hall.

"Thanks for the pictures, Sam."

"No problem, Colt. I'll let you know when they're done."

Trip opens the door as I leave the room and walks over to his man, pulling him up into a hot kiss. "Darlin', why don't we leave the camera set up?"

I tip my hat at my boss and get the fuck out of there as quickly as possible.

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