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Savior Complex

Wild Heart Ranch, Book Three

Love isn't something I get to wish for. Ten years ago, my nephew was sold to traffickers, and it was my fault. I spent the next decade doggedly searching for him in the most awful places imaginable, unable to stop until I knew he was safe.

I finally track him down to Wild Heart Ranch, an equine therapy center in the heart of Texas with a secret mission to help victims of trafficking. While I get to know the funny, strong, disturbed man my nephew has become, I find comfort and companionship in Levy, the ranch's tattooed, pierced, much younger equine therapist.

My usual one-night-stand protocol isn't holding up, and I can't find it in myself to care. We're kindred spirits, Levy and I, both of us having survived so much. Falling into bed with him is as easy as breathing.

Believing that we both deserve love, however, is the hard part.

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