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The Thief


@theseguinbean: Joel Hays is a dirty rotten tweet thief.
Tristan: Graduation is coming up, I still haven’t squared away an internship, and now this. Joel Hays has been stealing my one-liners and spinning them into posts for the Watering Hole, the bar he owns with his best friend.
This thievery will not stand. 
Just because he’s hot as fire doesn’t mean I’m gonna let him get away with it. I’ve half a mind to make my way next door and give that tattooed, bearded charmer a piece of my mind.
@thewateringhole: I plead the fifth.

Joel: Tristan works next door at the Seguin Bean, and man, do I have it bad for that adorable barista. Hoping to catch his eye, I’ve been stealing his sassy little quips for a month now, but he’s been too busy to notice.
Sure, there are more mature ways to get a hold of a beautiful man’s attention, but this was way more fun.

Oh, look. Here he comes now.

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