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The Wimberley Chronicles

(previously written under K.C. Littleton as Violet Crown)

Violence and bloodshed should not be the foundation for a relationship


This is the back story of the mysterious Wimberley crew. These events take place in the year or so before the beginning of the Wrecked timeline. 


Dr. Hedy Villarreal is a forty-something criminal psychologist with a foul mouth and a dead wife, and recently, life has taken a turn for the weird. One minute she's living on a beach in South Texas; the next she's discovering that there's a black ops unit operating out of her family's property deep in the Texas Hill Country. Oh, and her new best friend is a muscle-bound woman with fangs and hair that rattles.

When Hedy agrees to use her skills to profile and recruit mercenaries for this not-quite-legal enterprise, she wasn't counting on ex-Navy SEAL Edison Fitzwallace. Their first interview ends in a shouting match, and their second ends with her covered in someone else's blood. It's not an auspicious beginning, but she soon learns that he would sacrifice everything to keep her safe.

Including the truth.

Urban fantasy M/F romance with heavy bisexual undertones.

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