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Mobsters + Billionaires: Book 3

I'm a mob boss. And I'm in love with a virgin. I run a high-end escort service, and Ford is a nervous, perfectly bow-tied, sexily bespectacled money nerd. It doesn't make any sense, this attraction between us.

Even as he keeps me at arm's length, he's never left my orbit. We're moth and flame, inexplicably drawn to each other's darkness and light.

Hell, I'm becoming a better man because of him.

I've joined him for Manhattan's charity gala season, and the more I get to know him, the more I fall for his sharp wit, unique style, and hard-won confidence. I'll be as patient as I need to be to win him over.
The one thing I'm not willing to do, however, is let the man who put the fear in his eyes get away with it.

I don't care how powerful or wealthy he is—I will tear down the world to make Ford feel safe enough to love me.

Attraction is a Mafia romance that features a new kind of mob boss, a billionaire with exquisite taste, and a found family made entirely of morally gray do-gooders.

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