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Deep Impact


DeShaun and I have been locked in a mutual imaginary affair since the day we met. 

So many close calls, drunken flirtations, exchanged glances…and then his unfailing sense of duty would kick in. He has always outranked me and was never going to cross that line.

Even though we’re no longer in the service, he insists he’s not good enough for me. And sure, he’s still the boss…of our highly illegal mercenary organization. 

What he doesn’t seem to get is that I would sacrifice a limb for him. Major organs. My entire heart.

If he thinks he can push me away for good, he doesn’t know Odd Bash. 


Odd, the quiet man with the strange name, believes he can love me as I am. I will never let him do that to himself. 

The bad guys never take a break, and every time he's in danger I lose another night of sleep. Fall apart a little more.

Physically, let’s just say my knee isn’t the only problem. There’s an experimental surgery, but…I’m not going through that again.

In a perfect world, no one would ever know the extent of my injuries or the toll it has taken on my mind. Odd insists he loves me without reservation, but he doesn’t understand the reality of my life.

And I love him way too much to ever put him through that.

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