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Full Contact


If that joker doesn’t stop annoying me, I’m going to give that mouth of his something better to do.

The first time I saw Anders F***ing Bash, he was shirtless, armed, and simultaneously the most beautiful and frustrating man I’ve ever met.

He has not gotten any uglier. Or any less frustrating. And today I finally took a swing at him.

Our boss thinks a simple op in East Texas is exactly the thing we need to mend our relationship and restore the team dynamic. I think two men are driving to the Pineywoods and only one is coming back.


Look y’all—sane isn’t really where I shine.

Does it make sense to mess with the Guardians’ new hired gun every chance I get? No. Does it mean I’m going to stop? Also no. Honestly, there’s nothing more fun than irritating a sexy grump who can’t stand how pretty I am.

That said...the more I get to know him, the more I realize how much he's hiding behind those walls of his. And this little road trip is the perfect opportunity to thoroughly explore the real Omar.

I just hope I haven’t pushed him too far this time.

*Written in the same world as Scout and the Lavender Girl and Wrecked.

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