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Sworn Enemy

Wild Heart Ranch, Book One

Hating Justin Jennings should be a lot easier than this. 

He nearly ruined my life, and I swore when I left town that I’d become the opposite of him in every possible way.

I’ve kept that promise, traveling the world to save the people who cannot save themselves. The lost, the trafficked, the stolen. This work is my life’s mission, and now my father has given me the land to expand my operations.

The caveat? It’s in the same small Texas town that I escaped all those years ago.

As much as I try, I’m unable to avoid him. Worse, all I see is a broken man putting himself back together bit by bit.

I want to hate him so much.

But he’s making it impossible.

The only thing easy about any of this is how quickly I’m falling for my sworn enemy.

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