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The Skeptic


You've heard of those romances where the priest is seduced by the worldly outsider? Yeah, this isn't that.

I'm a gay preacher with more tattoos than sense and more notches on my bedpost than years in the ministry. I'm also not totally settled on the existence of God. Call me a skeptic, but when you work with abandoned and abused teenagers, you tend to have a few questions for anyone calling themselves divine.

Having lived in Seguin most of my life, I've always been the troublemaker. Most of my queer friends fled this place just after high school, but we all know that the only reason any of us made it out alive was our shop teacher, Mr. Paige. He lovingly called us his Lost Boys. Now that his health is failing, the Lost Boys are coming together to support him and his family.

To be honest, I may have been more supportive of Mr. Paige's son than was totally appropriate for a guy in a collar. Turns out, just like the Lost Boys, Holden had good reason to leave Seguin all those years ago.

Despite his history, I'm hoping he's willing to find a reason to stay.

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