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Bee Cave Magic

Rex, the honey guy, is a big bear shifter I try to avoid like the plague. He’s pointlessly flirty with me whenever he sees me, and it makes me a jumpy wreck.
Why pointlessly? So glad you asked.
I’m a non-shifter, and he knows as well as I do that shifters and non-shifters should never date or fall in love. I accepted it a long time ago, and I wish he would, too.
I won’t even contemplate the horror of letting myself fall madly in love with him—and I would so fall immediately and madly in love with him—only to have him go dumb-struck in the middle of the street for someone else.
Because that would be pathetic.

Bee Cave Magic is a stand-alone shifter novella, first published in Virgin Shifters: Shifting for the First Time A Limited Collection. This 20k word novella contains surprise fated mates, size difference, and a Texas legend, complete with antlers.


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