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Morally gray mercenaries who protect the innocent while, perhaps, fracturing a neck or two. Vigilantes need love, too. Spin-off of the Wrecked series.

Hard Target




There are a ton of reasons why falling for my tiny, adorkable best friend is a terrible idea—starting with the body in my trunk.

I have other reasons—Rafi still mourns his late husband, I’m way older, he’s a foot shorter, my tattoo shop is a front, he’s an assistant professor at UT.

Still, I can’t help but think we’d be perfect for each other if I didn’t kill people (very, very bad people) for a living.


How the f*ck did I not realize how hot my best friend is? Yeah, grief, or whatever, but were my eyes not working?

Silver fox, check. Tattooed hotness, check. Cuddles with me on Monday nights while we watch Australian melodramas, check. Says he’s not a good person but totally is, check.

New goal: Get Everett to stop looking at me like a grieving widower and start seeing me as someone he’d like to pin against the wall.

Now if I only knew what was behind the door marked Portal to Nowhere…

Hard Target is a mercenary MM romance set in Austin and the Texas Hill Country. It features tattooed hotties, adorably complicated twinks, best friend antics, an illegally confiscated vineyard, and a team of killer do-gooders.

Several characters from Wrecked, my series about a gym for combat vets, crossover into these books. While you can enjoy the slightly more nefarious Guardians without reading Wrecked, lots of people end up wanting all the juicy backstories.

Full Contact




If that joker doesn’t stop annoying me, I’m going to give that mouth of his something better to do.

The first time I saw Anders F***ing Bash, he was shirtless, armed, and simultaneously the most beautiful and frustrating man I’ve ever met.

He has not gotten any uglier. Or any less frustrating. And today I finally took a swing at him.

Our boss thinks a simple op in East Texas is exactly the thing we need to mend our relationship and restore the team dynamic.

I think two men are driving to the Pineywoods and only one is coming back.


Look y’all—sane isn’t really where I shine.

Does it make sense to mess with the Guardians’ new hired gun every chance I get? No. Does it mean I’m going to stop? Also no.

Honestly, there’s nothing more fun than irritating a sexy grump who can’t stand how pretty I am.

That said...the more I get to know him, the more I realize how much he's hiding behind those walls of his. And this little road trip is the perfect opportunity to thoroughly explore the real Omar.

I just hope I haven’t pushed him too far this time.


Full Contact is a mercenary MM romance set in Austin and the Pineywoods of East Texas. It features smoking hot mortal enemies, a small vehicle fire, inappropriate bumper stickers, and a couple of alligators named Millie and Dave.

Most Wanted




Letting Ronan go was the biggest mistake of my life. Giving me a second chance might be the biggest mistake of his.

I’d spent a year as Ronan’s friend-with-benefits, convincing myself that he could never feel the way I felt. I was floored when those three little words flew out of his mouth.

So, I ran. And have regretted that decision every day for the last five years.

Now fate has led him back to me and to the Guardians, the merry band of mercenaries who have become my family. Our last several missions have gone sideways, and Ronan is convinced that he needs to go back into the field to understand what our team is dealing with.

He’s putting himself in harm's way and we can’t keep our hands off each other. God help me if anything happens to him.

I can't think of anything more dangerous than giving my heart to a man who's already destroyed it.

Then again, I might not have much say in the matter. My life’s been upended, and the only place that’s safe is with Thane and the Guardians.

It doesn't take us long to figure out that our passion burns just as hot as it always did. Undeniable. Unstoppable.

I can't keep my hands off him, but I can't go back to being his friend with benefits. And I have no clue how to trust him.

Thing is...if we could learn to trust each other, I might actually have something to offer this team of morally flexible do-gooders.

Most Wanted is a mercenary MM romance set in Austin, Texas. It features a gentle (if slightly murderous), muscle-bound giant, a beautiful, wickedly flexible man, and more chemistry than a high school science lab.

Deep Impact




DeShaun and I have been locked in a mutual imaginary affair since the day we met.

So many close calls, drunken flirtations, exchanged glances…and then his unfailing sense of duty would kick in. He has always outranked me and was never going to cross that line.

Even though we’re no longer in the service, he insists he’s not good enough for me. And sure, he’s still the boss…of our highly illegal mercenary organization. But that’s not the only thing holding him back. He’s scarred and in pain and believes his physical limitations should deter me.


What he doesn’t seem to get is that I would sacrifice a limb for him. Major organs. My entire heart.


If he thinks he can push me away for good, he doesn’t know Odd Bash.


Odd, the quiet man with the strange name, believes he can love me as I am. I will never let him do that to himself.

The bad guys never take a break, and every time he's in danger I lose another night of sleep. Fall apart a little more.

Physically, let’s just say my knee isn’t the only problem. There’s an experimental surgery, but…I’m not going through that again.

In a perfect world, no one would ever know the extent of my injuries or the toll it has taken on my mind. Odd insists he loves me without reservation, but he doesn’t understand the reality of my life.

And I love him way too much to ever put him through that.


Deep Impact is a mercenary MM romance set in Austin, Texas. It features a nineties sing-along, an interfering sociopath, a surprise marriage, and a machine perfectly engineered for the bedroom.

The Wimberley Chronicles


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