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Do-gooder billionaires and socially conscious mobsters make for dangerously hot bed fellows. #murderswoon





On your knees, Billionaire.

Is there anything more satisfying than putting a powerful man in his place? I just told off my billionaire CEO in front of the entire company, and it was totally worth it.

Do I care that a viral video of our exchange sent his stocks into freefall?


Am I going to help Rand Wolfe rehab his company’s reputation?

Not a chance in hell.

There’s just one problem: I’m the bastard son of a Mafia don, a fact Wolfe finds out the hard way when he tracks me down at the docks.

Saving his life puts a Mafia-style extradition order on my head, and the only place to hide is his high-rise penthouse.

Could be worse, I suppose.


Now that I’m forced to spend time with him, I discover a seductively kind man who, like me, wants to be a better person than his father. As things heat up between us, I find that he rather enjoys being put in his place, and eat the rich takes on a whole new meaning.

But with danger around every corner, can I protect the man I’m falling for?


Extradition is a Manhattan romance that features an ex-mobster with a heart of gold, a billionaire who likes to take direction, plus a snarky cast of criminals, reprobates, and other corporate types.





I wait for the signal at crosswalks. I pay my taxes on time. And, despite my association with a certain Mafia family, I run a clean business providing security for Manhattan's wealthy elite.

I don't break the law.

Dr. Madhuban Laghari—Mads—is my newest protectee and my biggest problem. He fights his security protocols at every turn and makes me question all of my carefully crafted rules. Especially the one about not falling for the world's most adorable billionaire.

Every time we go back and forth, I fall a little harder.

More dangerous than our sexy banter is the fact that the threats against him are starting to escalate.

He doesn't want to face the reality that he's got a stalker tracking his every move, not to mention the Russian government trying to steal his technology. The closer we get, the more I know I'll do anything to protect him.

If his enemies dare to put a hand on my billionaire, they'll discover how Mafia I can get.


Protection is a cameo-filled, globetrotting romance that features a reluctant mobster, a billionaire with questionable taste in fashion, and a found family made entirely of morally gray do-gooders.



I'm a mob boss. And I'm in love with a virgin. I run a high-end escort service, and Ford is a nervous, perfectly bow-tied, sexily bespectacled money nerd. It doesn't make any sense, this attraction between us.

Even as he keeps me at arm's length, he's never left my orbit. We're moth and flame, inexplicably drawn to each other's darkness and light.

Hell, I'm becoming a better man because of him.

I've joined him for Manhattan's charity gala season, and the more I get to know him, the more I fall for his sharp wit, unique style, and hard-won confidence. I'll be as patient as I need to be to win him over.

The one thing I'm not willing to do, however, is let the man who put the fear in his eyes get away with it.

I don't care how powerful or wealthy he is—I will tear down the world to make Ford feel safe enough to love me.

Attraction is a Mafia romance that features a new kind of mob boss, a billionaire with exquisite taste, and a found family made entirely of morally gray do-gooders.




From USA Today Bestselling Author Kelly Fox comes a uniquely unhinged Mafia romance.

Look, no one's ever accused me of being sane, y'know? So when I say that I am crazy over this RICO agent, know that I mean business.

Sure, I'm responsible for getting him fired from the job he's wanted his whole life, but his grandfather just died and left him 13.1 billion dollars. Dude deserves a break, is all I'm saying. And yeah, I'm a violent mobster with a savior complex, but that shouldn't get in the way of our epic love story.

Besides, a little gunplay in the bedroom is good for the soul.

Distraction is a Mafia romance that features a frustrated RICO agent-slash-reluctant billionaire, a delightfully deranged mob enforcer with questionable boundaries, and a simple takedown that ends up a little...explosive.


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