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Roots and Sky

They said that a lesbian of the plaid shirt variety could never make it in Nashville. I've got a case full of trophies that proves them wrong.
I've been singing and writing songs since I was a kid, and I kept at it until they couldn't deny me. At the ripe old age of thirty-five, I had my first hit.
Ever since then, it's been me and the road. About as lonely as a person can be in the middle of thousands.
That is until the tour pulls into the quirky, queer-friendly town of Summit Springs, Colorado. A series of mini-strokes leave me unable to play my guitar and, worse, unable to sing.
With a canceled tour and nowhere else to go, I decide to stay put in this small town, despite the busybodies and that one rather disturbing brush with ornithological taxidermy. Doesn't hurt that it's also home to the pushy gal with the long brown hair who saved my life.
Even with my world crashing down around me, Kinley refuses to let me wallow. When we start making music together, she shows me that I can have more than a life on the road.

Roots and Sky is a spicy 47k word novella set in the Summit Springs world and features a stubborn country music star, a feisty physician's assistant, and a small town that has their back...whether they want it or not.


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